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11 Secret Makeup Tips for Your Eyes

A professional makeup artist learns the techniques for eye makeup in many years, the colors that will suit, how much to use and how to apply the makeup so that the eyes look natural and beautiful. With a few tips and tricks we can teach you some of that. Here are eleven of those secret tips and tricks to help you gain perfection when it comes to eye makeup.


  1. Plastic spoon: With a plastic spoon, you can apply a thick line of mascara on your bottom lashes without getting any on your under eye skin.


  1. Scotch tape eye stencil: Get help from it while applying eye shadow or liner. It provides bold, balanced, and even looks for both your eyes.


  1. Mark under eye bags: To conceal under eye bags, first highlight the actual crease and then the darker shade of foundation should be applied to the really puffy areas.


  1. Eye Highlights: For a natural beautiful eye makeup, highlight the eyes by applying lighter colors to inner corners, middle of the eye, and just below the brow bone. After applying the lightest color, move to darker shades.


  1. Make eyes appear bigger: Instead of using dark shaded eyeliner, use a nude pencil so that your eyes look bigger. If your skin is very fair, the white liner will also work well.


  1. Tight-lining: Apply liner right in between your eyelashes so that the base of your lashes looks thicker and you look like not wearing any makeup.


  1. Make eye shadows pop: With a white base, cover your entire lid and apply the vibrant color of your choice.


  1. Fix that clumpy mascara: To fix that clumpy mascara, add one or two drops of any eye drop in tube and stroke the wand around within. The mascara liquid will be softened and work as a new one.


  1. Bring the best of your eye shapes: Properly use the liners and shadows and create any illusion based on the shape of your eyes. Some common formats are closer set, deeper set, more prominent, wider, etc.


  1. Lash curling secret: Pinch your eyelash curler at the base of your eyelashes and then lift it in an inverted position. Your lashes will be more curled, and the curl will last longer.


  1. Heat your lash curler: To get those flirty lashes last a day, heat your lash curler with a hair dryer. Place your curler for 3-5 seconds in front of a hair dryer, and it will work like curling iron.


These are just some of the easy to do tricks you can do to make your eyes stunningly beautiful. Try to practice each one of these techniques so that you will be more comfortable and confident when applying them.


Do you know other eye makeup techniques that are fairly easy to follow? Share it with us in the comments below!

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