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Why Skin Care is Not as Difficult as You Think

You may think that skin care is a complicated matter that requires so many products and hours and hours spent on putting them on and wiping them off. Well, that’s not entirely true. We’ll share with you four things that prove that skin care doesn’t have to be difficult as you think.


You Just Have to Devote Some Time for Prepping

Before you sleep, take the time to do some prep work. In maintaining your youthful glow, the keys are convenience and proximity. So make sure that you keep a bottle or tube of hand and foot cream, cuticle oil, and lip balm beside your bed. Keep a beauty ritual of applying these products before hitting the sheets. See? No need to go to the bathroom. Apply them while in bed.


Try Doing a Facial Scrub

Some face creams with glycolic acid and retinol may leave your skin feeling scaly. What you can do is that once a week, use a facial scrubber. It can remove the dead cells while leaving the top level, the one with is vital for sun protection and for maintaining moisture. Remember, you only have to do it once a week.


Fragrance-Free Vs. Unscented

There are formulas that may claim as being “unscented, ” yet they may still have some aromatic essential oils as ingredients. You have to be careful with this if you have sensitive skin as they may cause some irritation. So to best prevent any reactions, look for products that have the “fragrance-free” label. No need to get caught up with the different scents!


You Can Even Cover Up Your Tats

Maybe you’ll be attending a wedding, and your bridesmaid dress is a strapless one which reveals your body art. However, you don’t have the heart to rock it like Angelina Jolie. What to do then? Easy, cover up your tattoo with a highly-pigmented foundation that is oil-free. To use it, dry the area as well as your hands. With a synthetic brush, make short strokes on the foundation. Set the are with the tattoo with translucent powder. To make sure that it can last all day, use a makeup fixative spray, something that professional clowns prefer using. You don’t have to think about it for the rest of the party.



These are just some of the things that may seem complicated at first but are easily doable. How about you? Do you have any beauty rituals that you have to do but hate doing? Do you know any shortcuts to beauty regimens? Feel free to comment below!

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